Saturday, 6 June 2015

Juneathon - Day 2

Today I mostly spent recovering from the day before.

My old knees tend to be quite stiff after BoxFit, and it has been known for me to take a couple of attempts to heave myself up off the sofa, but today the problem was higher up!

The ache was at the top back of my thighs just below my gluteus maximus. It didn't feel like there was anything wrong with my hamstrings but I certainly felt the aches when attempting to sit down!  I don't remember we did a lot of squats - and usually even if we do it's my knees that ache then.

Miss H has developed a liking for playing cricket lately - much to Mr D's pleasure - so after we rescued the ball from over the back fence, we took the bat and said ball to an area of grass in front of the house to play there.  A bit of batting, bowling and running about after the ball seemed to loosen my muscles up - but that was all the exercise I managed today.  :(