Friday, 28 September 2007

What a day!!

The lady I made the buggy blanket for was so pleased with it that she's told all her friends and now I have orders to make 4 more!!

Sometimes I'm glad I'm an insomniac cos if I wasn't before I would be now

And another odd request

for a towelling and gingham changing mat cover.

For something so simple it took a lot of gnashing of teeth and hair pulling - but then again it was 3am!!

Buggy Blanket

I'd also been asked to make a fleece buggy blanket that attaches to the frame and has a pocket to slip tots feet in.

After a bit of humming and haaing and lots of jottings I came up with this!!

Whew - At last my order backlogs are complete!!

I've had a bit of backlog of orders since the beginning of August. 2 weeks in Turkey and then a 6 week old virus certainly didn't help matters!!

So just finished after pulling an all-nighter (it's amazing what a courier deadline will do for me)- 3 x CotBed sized duvet + pillowcase sets, 3 cushions, a drawstring bag and a HUGE pair of curtains all with a Thomas The Tank Engine theme

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

First Entry on my Blog!!

Hi there all.

This is the 1st entry on my blog so bear with me as I get used to this new form of cyberspace communication.

Just hope I have enough to say!!

See you soon

Leah x