Monday, 30 June 2008

Happy Birthday - all Bling and Thomas

Today is my twin niece and nephew's 3rd birthday.

Megan is very boisterous and girly and pink is her favourite colour.

Liam is quieter in nature but loves Thomas the Tank Engine.

So for their birthdays I had a t-shirt each commissioned.

My friend Justine who designs diamonte transfers created one with Megan's name on.

Another friend Sarah at SewandSoaps embroidered a Thomas motif and Liam's name onto his t-shirt.

To accompany these I made them both a crayon and pad roll keeping with their themes for the fabric choices.

So as not to leave their older brother Kieron out (I don't mind doing this with shop bought gifts but it doesn't feel right with home made ones), I made him a roll too with a Cars theme.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Update #5

Since my last update I've completed:

1 x Baby Car Seat Wrap Blanket - see pictures
1 x Kitchen Item Swap - see previous entry
3 x Crayon & Pad rolls - see next entry

1 x pair of Curtains
1 x Mini Quilt Swap
1 x Sequined Cushion Cover
ITNG Makka Pakka Soft Toy
ITNG Haa Hoo Soft Toy
1 x Cot Quilt
1 x Cot Bumper
1 x Russian Doll Swap

I am also joining in with a KIDS INSPIRED SWAP
This is being organised by Chloe over at MeeCrafty - so hop on over and join up

Saturday, 28 June 2008

"Tea Vicar?"

I finally got finished my gift for Katy as we were swap partner's in Sarah's Kitchen Item Swap.

I had planned to to make her a teacosy, but she got in there first and made one for me!! So I had a rethink and finally made her some mug coasters and one for her teapot.

I made them in the design of Wobbly Log Cabin Houses. They were backed with a red polka dot tea-towel and to protect her surfaces they were filled with pieces of thermal insulated table protector.

I forgot to add that my inspiration for these houses was the great work produced by Sarah of House of Krom whom I found on Flickr. She has a great little tutorial on her blog.

Another great Log Cabin Tutorial can be found of Melly and Me's blog.

Friday, 20 June 2008

I'm an Auntie!!

On Wednesday (18th June), I became an Auntie!!

My youngest sister and her husband became a family of 3 when their daughter ALICE HOPE GLEN-BARRON arrived safely at 03.45am. She weighed in at 6lb 10.5oz.

The yellow blanket you can see in the picture is circular and was knitted by my Granny when I was born!!

They knew they were having a girl, and as the nursery was going to be lilac, I happily gave them a nursery set I had made.
It consisted of a cot bumper, coverlet, cot tidy, nappy stacker and a drawstring bag.
The fabric is a beautiful patchwork effect and I co-ordinated it with plain lilac.
Today I finished some personalised bunting to hang in her room.

Update #4

It's a bit like that thing with buses around here - none for ages then 3 at once!! (I know this is only my 2nd post today but there is one to follow!!)

I've completed:
1 x Cot Quilt
3 x strings of Bunting
2 x Duvet Sets
1 x Buggy Liner - pictured below

1 x pair of Curtains
1 x Mini Quilt Swap
4 x Cushion Covers - maybe!!
ITNG Makka Pakka Soft Toy
ITNG Haa Hoo Soft Toy
1 x Cot Quilt
1 x Cot Bumper
1 x Baby Car Seat Wrap Blanket
1 x Kitchen Item Swap - I have started work on this and it will be finished in a few days
1 x Russian Doll Swap - I have a definate idea in mind for this.
The DOLL I made now lives in Somerset. I called her Lucinda. She loves cream teas in the afternoon and a glass of Pimms on a summer evening. Here she is in all her glory.
Here is also a couple of pics of my TOADSTOOL.
I made the cap from the softest snuggliest fleece imaginable. Spots for the top and stripes underneath. The stem is fleece too.
My idea was that it's a house for those fairies that live at the bottom of our gardens. There is a little front door, a window in the roof, and flowers and grass outside.

I've also sent off my contribution to the VINTAGE SHEET SWAP - so I can't wait to see what I get in return

A Bowl of Felt

Last weekend I received my gift from the FUNCTIONAL FELT SWAP.

The person making for me was none other than Jen from Painted Fish Studio herself. (My contribution went to the sister of Annie the other organiser!!)

I got a fabulous deep bowl made from the most gorgeous purple felt.

It was accomanied by 2 hand-made Lavender scented glycerine soaps also covered in felt.

"How do you do that?" I hear you ask. Well the answer is here.

This was a great swap to be involved in and although it challenged my skills I'm glad I participated.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Swap Update

Here's a round up of the Swaps I'm involved in.


The Clutch bag I made was well received but I'm still waiting on my item to arrive from the US of A - hurry up Mr Postie!!


This was organised by Chloe at MeeCrafty and my swap partner is Camilla at Madebymilla.

I had been formulating a new design of fabric doll for months, but when the first attempt of making her revealed a few flaws that need tweaking, I decided to make a more "conventional" doll!!

She is now finished and is on her way to her new home. But here's a sneeky peek ...


This was organised by LucyKate and my swap partner is Amy at AmyWishbone.

I received my toadstool last weekend from Amy and its gorgeous. It's made from a pink fabic with a tiny floral print and burgundy felt with a lovely bead detail on top. It was accompanied by a little tray for it to stand upon.

This was another swap where I'd already had a design in my head for my contribution, so I through caution to the wind and the outcome did pretty much actually resemble what I had in mind!! Here again is a little peek.

I still have to make my Mini Quilt to adorn LucyLocket's wall!!


No sewing here!! This has been organised by Elizabeth at OhFrannson.

The concept is that you send her a number of Fat Quarters cut from vintage (pre-1980) sheets/fabric, and you get the same number back selected from what's been sent to her.

It's a fabulous way to received some new stash. You can see some of the contributions on Flickr.


This has been organised by Sarah over at PinkPetalDesigns and my partner is Katy from imagingermonkey.

You have to make "something" that will be useful in the kitchen - be that crocheted, knitted, sewn etc.

As always Katy was quick off the mark and this arrived today - a lovely little House Tea Cosy. I don't drink tea but i'm going to use it in the kitchen to cover something else instead. I have a few ideas what I'm making in return so watch this space!!


This has been organised by the above mentioned Katy - and my partner this time is Christine at Papercloth.

The creations have to be inspired by Matryoshka - or Russian Stacking Dolls. Again we have a free rein on what we create. I love these dolls and already have a few ideas!!

WOW - I'm certainly involved in a lot of good challenges

Update #3

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I last blogged - but I promise I have been busy!!

Of my "To Do" list I've completed:

1 x Duvet Set
1 x pair of Curtains
1 x Voile curtain
1 x Uplighter
3 x strings of bunting
1 x Doll Swap
1 x Toadstool Swap
15 x Voile squares for a playgroup

I also added in a Cot Quilt and a drawstring bag - my first international sale!!

What's definately left over is:

1 x pair of Curtains
1 x Mini Quilt Swap

I need to check if these are still needed:

4 x Cushion Covers
ITNG Makka Pakka Soft Toy
ITNG Haa Hoo Soft Toy

And I've now added on:

1 x Cot Quilt
1 x Cot Bumper
2 x strings of Bunting
2 x Duvet sets
1 x Buggy Liner
1 x Baby Car Seat Wrap Blanket
2 x Swaps