Friday, 20 June 2008

Update #4

It's a bit like that thing with buses around here - none for ages then 3 at once!! (I know this is only my 2nd post today but there is one to follow!!)

I've completed:
1 x Cot Quilt
3 x strings of Bunting
2 x Duvet Sets
1 x Buggy Liner - pictured below

1 x pair of Curtains
1 x Mini Quilt Swap
4 x Cushion Covers - maybe!!
ITNG Makka Pakka Soft Toy
ITNG Haa Hoo Soft Toy
1 x Cot Quilt
1 x Cot Bumper
1 x Baby Car Seat Wrap Blanket
1 x Kitchen Item Swap - I have started work on this and it will be finished in a few days
1 x Russian Doll Swap - I have a definate idea in mind for this.
The DOLL I made now lives in Somerset. I called her Lucinda. She loves cream teas in the afternoon and a glass of Pimms on a summer evening. Here she is in all her glory.
Here is also a couple of pics of my TOADSTOOL.
I made the cap from the softest snuggliest fleece imaginable. Spots for the top and stripes underneath. The stem is fleece too.
My idea was that it's a house for those fairies that live at the bottom of our gardens. There is a little front door, a window in the roof, and flowers and grass outside.

I've also sent off my contribution to the VINTAGE SHEET SWAP - so I can't wait to see what I get in return

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  1. Me and my mum and dad had afternoon tea today and Lucinda joined us! I'm sure 34 year olds and their parent's shouldn't still be playing with dolls should they?