Monday, 30 June 2008

Happy Birthday - all Bling and Thomas

Today is my twin niece and nephew's 3rd birthday.

Megan is very boisterous and girly and pink is her favourite colour.

Liam is quieter in nature but loves Thomas the Tank Engine.

So for their birthdays I had a t-shirt each commissioned.

My friend Justine who designs diamonte transfers created one with Megan's name on.

Another friend Sarah at SewandSoaps embroidered a Thomas motif and Liam's name onto his t-shirt.

To accompany these I made them both a crayon and pad roll keeping with their themes for the fabric choices.

So as not to leave their older brother Kieron out (I don't mind doing this with shop bought gifts but it doesn't feel right with home made ones), I made him a roll too with a Cars theme.

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