Thursday, 12 June 2008

Swap Update

Here's a round up of the Swaps I'm involved in.


The Clutch bag I made was well received but I'm still waiting on my item to arrive from the US of A - hurry up Mr Postie!!


This was organised by Chloe at MeeCrafty and my swap partner is Camilla at Madebymilla.

I had been formulating a new design of fabric doll for months, but when the first attempt of making her revealed a few flaws that need tweaking, I decided to make a more "conventional" doll!!

She is now finished and is on her way to her new home. But here's a sneeky peek ...


This was organised by LucyKate and my swap partner is Amy at AmyWishbone.

I received my toadstool last weekend from Amy and its gorgeous. It's made from a pink fabic with a tiny floral print and burgundy felt with a lovely bead detail on top. It was accompanied by a little tray for it to stand upon.

This was another swap where I'd already had a design in my head for my contribution, so I through caution to the wind and the outcome did pretty much actually resemble what I had in mind!! Here again is a little peek.

I still have to make my Mini Quilt to adorn LucyLocket's wall!!


No sewing here!! This has been organised by Elizabeth at OhFrannson.

The concept is that you send her a number of Fat Quarters cut from vintage (pre-1980) sheets/fabric, and you get the same number back selected from what's been sent to her.

It's a fabulous way to received some new stash. You can see some of the contributions on Flickr.


This has been organised by Sarah over at PinkPetalDesigns and my partner is Katy from imagingermonkey.

You have to make "something" that will be useful in the kitchen - be that crocheted, knitted, sewn etc.

As always Katy was quick off the mark and this arrived today - a lovely little House Tea Cosy. I don't drink tea but i'm going to use it in the kitchen to cover something else instead. I have a few ideas what I'm making in return so watch this space!!


This has been organised by the above mentioned Katy - and my partner this time is Christine at Papercloth.

The creations have to be inspired by Matryoshka - or Russian Stacking Dolls. Again we have a free rein on what we create. I love these dolls and already have a few ideas!!

WOW - I'm certainly involved in a lot of good challenges