Friday, 5 February 2010

A Hive of Bees!

It's been a while since I've updated you all about the blocks I've been making for my Quilting Bees on Flickr.
I'll start with my longest running Bee - SewConnected3 - who I last blogged about after September's blocks!!

October was a double month.

Firstly, I made a Wonky Log Cabin Block for Twiddletails,

and then a Bento Box Block for Cam11.

I really love the geometry of this block so it's a pattern I'll be asking the ladies from one of my other Bees to make for me!

In November, Poobah02 wanted a geometric block making from her Heather Ross Mendocino fabrics. I'm not sure is this pattern has a name, but I do like how it turned out.

We had December off, and in January it was Gretchen.D's turn.

She wanted an Amish style block made from solids - black plus 2 colours (in my case green and lilac).

I decided to make her a Basket Block and as there was enough fabric, a Jacob's Ladder Block.

September was the first month in the Eurovision Quilters Bee, and Wen_ot had the honour of kicking it all off.

She asked for a Dutchman's Puzzle Block and I, almost, managed 2 whole blocks for her, plus I made a Pinwheel Block with the offcut half triangles.

October was Flossyblossy's month and she asked for a Wonky Square-in-Square / Log Cabin Block. Again I managed to stretch the fabric to make 2 blocks.

In November, Vivie95 wanted Star Blocks made with her Japanese style fabrics. We were free to use any design and I managed to stretchhhhhh my fabric just enough. I had wanted some of the outer star points to stand out a bit more but it wasn't possible. I still like the result though!

Again December was a free month, but the New Year started off with a cheeky Gnome chappie arriving in the post. He needed a Wonky House to live in, and how could I refuse! I also gave him a little windowed extention just for a little more room.

To accompany the gnome, Daveandsusi asked us to make a little Mushroom/Toadstool Block decorated by a touch of lace. Both of these were a pleasure to sew.

2010 was the start of 2 new Quilting Bees that I have joined - Circuit Block Party and the Modern Quilting Bee.

In the former, Heidielliott asked for a Dutchman's Puzzle Block using black, white and red fabrics on a background of grey. Again I couldn't resist using the half triangle offcuts to make a Pinwheel Block!

Lastly, Melissa.leray sent us some precious Munki fabric to incorporate into a Wonky Log Cabin Block. I added a couple of stash fabrics to what she she and wonked out 2 blocks for her.

All in all, I think it was a great finish to 2009, and an exciting start to 2010. February's fabrics are here so I'll keep you posted what they turn into.