Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My Little Rainbow!

For those of you who know me - you'll be well aware of my love of Rainbows. Well now I have one of my own!

My daughter recently joined Rainbows - which is the most junior sector of the Girl Guides Association. In my day this level didn't exist - you joined as a Brownie.

For the last couple of weeks she's been learning and memorising the "Promise" at every opportunity, and last night she, along with 2 other girls, recited it when requested and so now she's the full arch!

She was really chuffed with herself, and I couldn't have been prouder.

I loved my time in Guiding and it seems that history is repeating itself.

And as I am such a hoarder that I still have the certificcate from when I became a Brownie! How sad am I? (My name was spelt wrongly - but this time is was the surname not my Christian name)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Things that make you go "GRRRR!!"

Hubby shouted from the kitchen last night : Where's the cheese grater?

Me (after thinking for a moment) : Try the 3rd drawer down (we only have one set of drawers in there so not a hard to find place)

Him : It's not there, I've looked

Me (after thinking to myself that I was sure that was where I put it after washing it yesterday) : Well try the 2nd drawer then

Me : Or beside the sink (maybe I hadn't put it away!)

Then there is the sound of drawers and cupboard doors being opened and banged shut

Me : Have you found it?

Him : Yes

Me : Where was it?

Him : In the third drawer down. I didn't see it.

AAAARRGGHH!!! How can you not see a cheese grater in a kitchen drawer ????

Incidents like this are a regular occurance in this house - and the most annoying thing is that our daughter is exactly the same!

Friday, 5 February 2010

A Hive of Bees!

It's been a while since I've updated you all about the blocks I've been making for my Quilting Bees on Flickr.
I'll start with my longest running Bee - SewConnected3 - who I last blogged about after September's blocks!!

October was a double month.

Firstly, I made a Wonky Log Cabin Block for Twiddletails,

and then a Bento Box Block for Cam11.

I really love the geometry of this block so it's a pattern I'll be asking the ladies from one of my other Bees to make for me!

In November, Poobah02 wanted a geometric block making from her Heather Ross Mendocino fabrics. I'm not sure is this pattern has a name, but I do like how it turned out.

We had December off, and in January it was Gretchen.D's turn.

She wanted an Amish style block made from solids - black plus 2 colours (in my case green and lilac).

I decided to make her a Basket Block and as there was enough fabric, a Jacob's Ladder Block.

September was the first month in the Eurovision Quilters Bee, and Wen_ot had the honour of kicking it all off.

She asked for a Dutchman's Puzzle Block and I, almost, managed 2 whole blocks for her, plus I made a Pinwheel Block with the offcut half triangles.

October was Flossyblossy's month and she asked for a Wonky Square-in-Square / Log Cabin Block. Again I managed to stretch the fabric to make 2 blocks.

In November, Vivie95 wanted Star Blocks made with her Japanese style fabrics. We were free to use any design and I managed to stretchhhhhh my fabric just enough. I had wanted some of the outer star points to stand out a bit more but it wasn't possible. I still like the result though!

Again December was a free month, but the New Year started off with a cheeky Gnome chappie arriving in the post. He needed a Wonky House to live in, and how could I refuse! I also gave him a little windowed extention just for a little more room.

To accompany the gnome, Daveandsusi asked us to make a little Mushroom/Toadstool Block decorated by a touch of lace. Both of these were a pleasure to sew.

2010 was the start of 2 new Quilting Bees that I have joined - Circuit Block Party and the Modern Quilting Bee.

In the former, Heidielliott asked for a Dutchman's Puzzle Block using black, white and red fabrics on a background of grey. Again I couldn't resist using the half triangle offcuts to make a Pinwheel Block!

Lastly, Melissa.leray sent us some precious Munki fabric to incorporate into a Wonky Log Cabin Block. I added a couple of stash fabrics to what she she and wonked out 2 blocks for her.

All in all, I think it was a great finish to 2009, and an exciting start to 2010. February's fabrics are here so I'll keep you posted what they turn into.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Addicted to Paper Piecing? I think I might be!

It all started off so innocently.

Being asked to make a string quilt block using this tutorial.
When I first saw it I was horrified. Paper Piecing!! But the reality wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated and in the end the block turned out OK.

I then promptly forgot about it until I was Flickr-hopping looking for some inspiration for a couple of Halloween swap projects. I then stumbled upon Artisania and decided to take the plunge and use her Pumpkin/Jack-O-Lantern and Cat patterns.

I attempted the cat first and found out pretty quickly that these were going to a bit trickier than the string block to say the least!! It was all that back-to-front and upside down palaver that foxed me and my stitch ripper came into a bit of use I can tell you! But suddenly it all clicked, and I got them finished. I don't think it helped that I wanted to keep the backgrounds patchy and random but I am proud of how they look finished.

So with Christmas looming and another swap needed, it was back to Flickr-land where I stumbed upon Sewhooked. Jennifer has designed a whole heap of fabulous paper pieced patterns and I found the perfect ones to use.

Each individual block finished at @ 4" so some of the pieces were tiny which was a real challenge and with practice I'm sure that I'll be able to match the sections together much better.

I'm about to make another of Jennifer's blocks for her Batiks in Black Drawing. I'm using some brightly coloured batiks that I was kindly given by Flossyblossy.

UPDATE: The Batik block is finished!!

I have a Valentine Swap to make for so I may be getting the paper out again!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

A New Year - and a New Start.

As the more observant of you can see my blog has been a little neglected of late. It's not that I've not been busy - in fact I was still sewing on Christmas Eve - it's just that I couldn't see the point in blogging about any of it!

Reflecting on this, I came to the conclussion that it doesn't matter if I don't get any visitors or comments left, I should just use my blog as I think it should be used - as an on-line record of my crafty outcomes and achievements, with a bit of family life thrown in for good measure. Something to look back on in my old age which believe me is not that far away!

Over the past year I feel that I have grown quite a lot as a crafter. My first Quilting Bee - SC3 will be coming to an end in a couple of months (mine being the last one!!), and because I've enjoyed the experience and especially the commeraderie built up between us - I've joined another 3!!

I've taken part in numerous swaps - mostly organised by some wonderful quilters on Flickr - and I hope to continue to participate in 2010.

Other bright ideas I have are:

a) sorting and organising my craft room - but I have to visit Ikea first for a table

b) make sure I link my blog entries to my uploads on Flickr

c) getting my own website - or at least opening one or more online shops (e.g. Folksy, MISI)

d) actually turning some of the mountains of fabric I have into something beautiful/usable etc.

e) learn to quilt in something other than a straight line

and f) those perennial favourites - lose weight and get fitter!!

I'll leave you all for now with a picture of the kids wrapped up in the quilts I managed to sew together just in time for Santa's visit (but they still need quilting!) but I promise I will be back shortly to show what I got up to over the last couple of months of 2009.
Happy Crafting.