Thursday, 26 February 2009

Owl Swap Goodies Received

Well I was well and truly spoiled by Ngaire, who was my partner in Meridian Ariel's Owl Swap.

I had missed the postie so had to go to town the next day to collect my parcel - which turned out to be a HUGE box stuffed full of delightful goodies.

There was a card;

A little stationery set with beautiful cards (one with an owl on), a place for envelopes, stamps, tags, love notes and an address book;

A wooden picture frame block labelled "My favouite Quilts";

Another picture frame block for "Our Family";

3 FQ of lovely fabric;

A Quilting magazine;

A quilt pattern;

A wooden hedgehog magnet;

and to finish a packet of crisps and a little box of chocolates.

I was a very, very, very lucky girl. Thank you very much Ngaire. xxx

To finish - I've just realised that this is post 99 - so I suppose I should think of a giveaway for my century post - any suggestions??

Friday, 13 February 2009

Wrroarr!! - it's a "Dine-saw"

I was asked if I could make a softie that resembled the Dinosaur that is Peppa Pig's brother George's favourite toy.

I have tried to match it as best as I can - although an open mouth was a little beyond my sewing skills!!

I also made him 3 Dimensional by putting an eye on either side of his head and not both on the same side as he's depicted in the programme.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Twit Twoo

Today I finished the item I've made for Ngaire who is my partner in Meridial Ariel's Owl Swap.

I decided that my owl would be mostly patchwork so I set about cutting up some 1.5" by 2.5" pieces and put them together in a brickwork effect.

I then added a torso, corduroy wings (back and front) and some felt facial features.

He'll be winging (ha ha!!) his way to Australia tomorrow.

I hope that Ngaire likes him and that he's a welcome distraction from the worries of the bush fires that have come within 1km of her house.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

FQ Swap Received

I signed up to Katy's Fat Quarter Swap 2009, and was paired with Michelle.

My parcel for Michelle is on its way across the oceans to Australia, and mine from her arrived the other day!!

It arrived all beautifully wrapped in brown paper and string - a la "The Sound of Music"!!

Inside were 2 lovely pieces of fabric in shades of Sky Blue. One has white dots (about the size of halfpennies) and the other with a paisley design in browns.
I also got a length of sky blue dotted ribbon, and 4 gorgeous wooden buttons.
I immediately thought they'd be lovely as a bag - maybe like the one I made for the Cupcake Swap.

Thank you Michelle - they are all lovely. I hope you like the contents of your parcel when it arrives.