Thursday, 25 September 2008

Birthday Girl

Price of place is the card from DillyDallyDingle

Last Wednesday (17th) was my daughter H's 4th birthday.

She spent the morning at pre-school as normal, but in the afternoon we went with her best friend (and her mum) to see the English National Opera who are touring with "Angelina Ballerina". DD goes to ballet weekly and loved it - though ever since I have been getting asked why the dancers were wearing heads they can take off!!

Granny visited the day before and gave her a present of a Minnie Mouse costume.

On the Saturday, we held a party at a local playcentre - Jungle Madness. There were roughly 18 kids who had a great time burning off some energy before re-stoking the burners with sandwiches and cake!!

Everybody was very generous with their gifts and we now have a mountain of Arts & Crafts activities to keep us busy in the months to come.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Birthday Pressie

Just a quickie (oohh eerr Missus!!) to show what hubby bought me for my birthday.

I know you'll think he's splashed out a bit, but he never got me anything last year (my big 4-0) as I couldn't decide what I wanted - so it's a bit of a joint gift.

It's a PURPLE laptop!! All for myself!!

Our main PC is rather slow - and it saves me pinching his work laptop in the evenings.
I'm now trying (subtly) to get him to understand that me saying "I don't really need a new sewing machine" is exactly what I mean!!