Friday, 19 September 2008

Birthday Pressie

Just a quickie (oohh eerr Missus!!) to show what hubby bought me for my birthday.

I know you'll think he's splashed out a bit, but he never got me anything last year (my big 4-0) as I couldn't decide what I wanted - so it's a bit of a joint gift.

It's a PURPLE laptop!! All for myself!!

Our main PC is rather slow - and it saves me pinching his work laptop in the evenings.
I'm now trying (subtly) to get him to understand that me saying "I don't really need a new sewing machine" is exactly what I mean!!


  1. ooohhh purple you say? I want one... and remeber mn don't get subtlty you will have to cut out pictures of the sewing machine and sew it to his forehead and he might just get the hint then!

  2. ooohh you lucky thing -
    i wanna a purple laptop
    ...stamps feet and pouts...

  3. Awww wow. A purple laptop. How cool!