Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ch 3, 2 dc in 1st sc.* dc in next 4 dc - SPEAK ENGLISH!!

My youngest sister is, after years of trying and a little help from a man with a test tube, going to add a new family member in June.

As a joke I gave her a "Knit your own bootees & bonnet" set for Xmas, so there was many trials and tribulations as she knitted her first item in who knows how many years.

Instead of adding to the knitting mountain - as Granny (my mum) has already got her needles at work - I decided to see if I could resurrect my very basic crochet skills and make a blanket.

I started work on it whilst DD was at her Tumble Tots class on Friday. I'm still a bit unsure if I'm doing it right - the length of chains I make seem to vary enormously - and the corners don't seem quite right either.

Well at least I've got another few months to practice!!

A Bit of a Tidy

I knew I had a piece of fabric buried somewhere that I needed to photograph - so the whole cupboard got turned upside down!!

In the end I decided it might now be a good time to sort through my "stash" and I must admit there were lots of "OOHS" and "AAHS" as I can upon offcuts and remnants I'd forgotten I'd bought.

I was readily "helped" by a Rugrat who thought it was fabulous to borrow some fleece to make into beds for both her and her myriad of imaginary friends which resulted in a trail all down the front stairs - not a great idea when someone was coming to view the house the next morning.

I was quite proud of the finished result until I turned round and found a large bag that I'd forgotten about!!

Reminder to self - get DH to put up some shelves!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

All Bunting-ed Out

I decided that I was going to "make" some Christmas presents this year - and for the youngest members of the family decided upon Personalised Bunting to decorate their bedrooms.

There was 3 boys and 3 girls to make for (including DD). Added to the list at the last minute was Cameron - the newest addition to my neighbour's family.

Well everybody got theirs except DD whose I've just finished this afternoon!!

Groovy Man!!

I do wonder why I agree to do things!!

A friend's sister decided to have a 70's themed birthday party, and finding no suitable attire, asked me if I could put some flares into a "normal" pair of jeans.

After much humming and haaing (on my part not hers!!), out came the seam unpicker, the scissors and the purple satin. A couple of hours later .....

Voila - John Travolta eat your heart out!!

I finished them with a tie belt to match.

They went down a storm and as the photos from the party itself haven't been published yet (the ensemble was toped off by an afro wig I'm let to believe) - you'll just have to be content with mine.