Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Update #9

As Maxine has received what I made for the Camper Van Swap, I can now show you a full picture. I made her a cushion/softie. It was made of fleece with button detailing plus and a personalised numberplate!!

In return I received a collage picture that is Maxine's logo, a pencil drawing depicting a close-up of the VW logo badge, 3 magnets, a postcard of a Pink van plus a little embroidered badge. Thank you - they're lovely.

My sister T, requested a cover that she could put on her car seat belt to stop it rubbing against her neck. The only proviso was that it contrasted with the grey interior of her car - so it had to be pink!! It worked out really well and I'm going to make one for myself.

I've sent off my contribution for the Spare Change swap so can't wait to see what I get back.

Today I finished a fabric advent calender. It shows Santa Claus appearing out of the top of a chimney. I backed it with some ready-quilted fabric and outlined the design to give a bit of detailing.

I've made a start on my gift for the Cup Cake Swap, I've then got to complete the BTRS Easy Lap Quilt for Katy, applique a bee on a fleece blanket, make another robot softie, make an ITNG Tombliboo, make 2 fleece buggy liners and a buggy blanket, design and make my gift for the Christmas Decoration swap...

... oh and 3 pairs of curtains and a bedspread for my mum!!

Whew!! Best get on

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Blog-hopping Giveaways/Swaps Found

Just thought I'd let you know of a few giveaways and swaps I've found whilst blog-hopping.

Sherry at My Mothers Daughter is giving away 100 items from her stash to celebrate reaching 100 posts. Deadline is 20th October.

Chick Pea Studios is holding a Spare Change Swap.

Each participant will send the equivalent of 1/2 yard of fabric, or 24 squares. The fabric can be pre-cut in 5"x5" squares, of different prints or be all the same print. It will all be divided amoungst everybody. Deadline is 15th October.

Itching2bstitching is giving away a pink apron to raise awareness of Breast Cancer as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Deadline is 12th October.

Thousands of women, men and their families are affected every year. If you want to help spread awareness then on October 31st WEAR PINK and support a great cause.

Rachael Rabbit has a great little pumpkin pincushion tutorial over on her blog, plus she's giving away one, so hop over there and leave a comment for a chance to win. Deadline is 23rd October.
If I find any more out there I'll update this entry

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Swaps Swaps Everywhere

I thought it was about time I updated you all on the swaps I've been/am involved in.

Firstly there was the Fairy Tale Swap organised by Meridian Ariel.

My swap partner was Jessica. She was first to post and sent me beautiful collection of items with a "Little Red Riding Hood" theme. There is a journal, a little note book and some notelets with envelopes. There's a huge amount of detail in these, but if you visit her blog you'll see that's normal.

Jessica's favourite fairy tale is "Alice in Wonderland", and as soon as I heard an idea popped into my brain which I then hummed and haaed over for ages as I wasn't sure my sewing skills were up to my vision!! But in the end I took the plunge and made her a Cheshire Cat cushion.

Next up was a Camper Van Swap organised by JellyBelly*JellyBrain.

My swap partner this time is Maxine. I can't give much away as she hasn't received what I've made yet but here's a Sneaky peek. "Can you tell what it is yet??"

Number 3 swap is a Cupcake Swap organised by HmmDesigns.

My partner is Beth who has given my free rein to make what I like in whatever colour I like!! I have been mulling over some ideas and I'm now ready to get making.

And last but not least is swap for a Easy Lap Quilt as per Amy Karol's "Bend the Rules Sewing" Book organised by Adrienne.

Surprise, surprise but who should turn out to be my partner in this but good old GingerMonkey herself!! We are the only 2 in the UK doing the swap so we're special.

Katy sent me an "explosion in a flower shop" to quote the lady herself, whilst my fabric choices were a bit subtler - and I think that sums up our personalities a treat!!

I really can't wait to see how they turn out

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Winter is a-coming!!

Since coming back from holiday I seem to have been sewing nothing but items to keep off the winter wind and rains.

This has included: some fleece hats and matching scarfs.

A faux fur Russian style hat

A fleece buggy liner and stay-put blanket set

And a couple of waterproof buggy stay-put blankets.

I have a few other little items to complete (including 3 pairs ofcurtains for my mum!!), so I'm mainly concentrating on finishing items for the swaps I'm involved in - but more on those in my next post ...