Thursday, 2 October 2008

Winter is a-coming!!

Since coming back from holiday I seem to have been sewing nothing but items to keep off the winter wind and rains.

This has included: some fleece hats and matching scarfs.

A faux fur Russian style hat

A fleece buggy liner and stay-put blanket set

And a couple of waterproof buggy stay-put blankets.

I have a few other little items to complete (including 3 pairs ofcurtains for my mum!!), so I'm mainly concentrating on finishing items for the swaps I'm involved in - but more on those in my next post ...


  1. You are quite the seamstress! :)
    I love my Cheshire cat Leah! Thank you so much. It must have taken you forever to make! It's SEW cute! :)

  2. You've been very busy! I'm interested to hear about your swaps - it sounds like fun. Thanks for leaving me a comment, by the way!