Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Update #9

As Maxine has received what I made for the Camper Van Swap, I can now show you a full picture. I made her a cushion/softie. It was made of fleece with button detailing plus and a personalised numberplate!!

In return I received a collage picture that is Maxine's logo, a pencil drawing depicting a close-up of the VW logo badge, 3 magnets, a postcard of a Pink van plus a little embroidered badge. Thank you - they're lovely.

My sister T, requested a cover that she could put on her car seat belt to stop it rubbing against her neck. The only proviso was that it contrasted with the grey interior of her car - so it had to be pink!! It worked out really well and I'm going to make one for myself.

I've sent off my contribution for the Spare Change swap so can't wait to see what I get back.

Today I finished a fabric advent calender. It shows Santa Claus appearing out of the top of a chimney. I backed it with some ready-quilted fabric and outlined the design to give a bit of detailing.

I've made a start on my gift for the Cup Cake Swap, I've then got to complete the BTRS Easy Lap Quilt for Katy, applique a bee on a fleece blanket, make another robot softie, make an ITNG Tombliboo, make 2 fleece buggy liners and a buggy blanket, design and make my gift for the Christmas Decoration swap...

... oh and 3 pairs of curtains and a bedspread for my mum!!

Whew!! Best get on


  1. wow fantastic swap goodies and aome lovely things you have been making. that camper van cushion is just adorable!

  2. you're a bloody machine! :)

    (just finishing the binding on your quilt, so it won't be long now!!!)

  3. I love your advent calendar!

  4. love that advent calender and the camper cushion - great stuff as usual!