Saturday, 30 August 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday - I won't tell you which one as then you'll all know that I'm an old codger!!

I've been staying with my youngest sister this week - who's little girl was born in June - and she's having her annual BBQ this afternoon and as the weather is sunny here in Eastbourne it should be great.

I've just been told that to eat she's got me veggie burgers and sausages, halloumi cheese and veg kebabs and corn on the cob - yum yum!!

I may even have a glass of Rose or two

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I'm Back!!

We've arrived back from our hols and if I'm honest I need another to recover from it - it was hell!!

On the positive side - the hotel complex itself was nice. Very spacious, 3 large pool areas, palm trees everywhere and its own private beach.

On the negative - no shade to sit under around the poolside drink areas, 40+ degree heat, food that made you wish you were spending time at "Her Majesty's Pleasure", staff that uncooperative to say the least, and a stomach bug that had me in bed for 3 days.

But then again as I came home 8lb lighter maybe the last point above is really a positive!!

To top it all off, the taxi we had booked to bring us back from the airport wasn't there to greet us and when DH got through to them (this was at 1am) even said there was nothing in their records although they did confirm that DD's car seat was in their office!! And the boiler seems to have give up the ghost whilst we've been gone - but at least the plumber is coming tomorrow.

Well enough of feeling sorry for myself. Here are a couple of pics.

The first is of DS (15) and DD (nearly 4) not squabbling for once!!

And the second I've named - "You can take the girl out of the pool ..."

On a crafty/sewing level, as I'm off to see my sister and my new neice at the weekend I only have a couple of days to make a fleece hat and matching mittens set plus my Fairy Tale Swap item.

Monday, 4 August 2008

WHEW - I need a break!!

As you can read, the last few weeks have been hectic.

It's the time of the year when some part of the world is exposed to my pasty white body (although I must add most of it WILL be covered up), as we go on our annual summer holiday.

This year the lucky destination is Sharm El Sheik, on the Red Sea in Egypt.

We are due to be collected today, Monday 4th Aug, at 10.45am so that gives me approx. 7 and 3/4 hours to finish the packing and squeeze in some sleep!!

On that note I'd best go.

I hope you all enjoyed reading what I've been sewing lately.

See you all soon xx

A Robot for a LIttle Ginger Monkey

Following on from my previous post, I had to make something for Katy's DS.

His favourite themes at the moment are: cars, dinosaurs and robots - and I chose the latter.

I decided to keep on with my recent 3-D cushions and make him a robot shaped one!!

I wanted to keep it bright and cheery as well as "snuggly" so I chose to make it from fleece material.

The front is red, the joining fillet orange and the back is blue but patterned with robot images.

I embellished the front with ribbon, ric-rac, felt and buttons, plus an identification code.

His arms and legs have elastic in them so they can be pulled and will "ping" back.

Here is DD, Little Evie and RoboMan before he was parcelled up to send.

I hope you like him Little Ginger Monkey.

A Little Doll for a Little Lady

As mentioned previously, for MeeCrafty's KIDDY INSPIRED SWAP I was partnered with ImaGingerMonkey.

As always she was quick off the mark, and my DD soon received "Little Evie". (We have named her this as DD's middle name is Evelyn).

Her dress and hat are lovely and jazzy and her hair and eyes match DD's too.

She also has pretty lacy socks on.

And here are the 2 together.

Thank you Katy, she was well received and may even be slipped into DD's suitcase to come on holiday with us!!

A Matching Trio

I was asked if I could make a cotton buggy liner in a jazzy fabric - to complement one of these new fangled trendy prams you see everybody with!!

I was then asked if I could make some padded buggy straps to match. And to finish off the look, could I make a small changing bag!!

Well here's the finished result.

I designed the bag from scratch and went for a messenger style.

I gave it 2 pockets under the front flap.

One big pocket across the back.

4 pockets inside.

And with an adjustable strap.

There are a few inperfections with it - that I'd iron out should I make any more - but I don't think it's really bad for a first attempt!!

Russian Doll Gocco Items Received

For I'maGingerMonkey's Russian Doll Swap I was partnered up with Christine.

I received from her a lovely Gocco Printed Stationery Set.

This comprised of some postcard sized cards.

Some tags in 3 sizes

And some pretty circular stickers - which I'm having to keep from DD!!

Thank you Christine, they are truly gorgeous. xx

Update #8

Since Update #7 I've completed:

  • Russian Doll Swap - already blogged
  • Matching set consisting of 1 x Buggy Liner, 3 x Padded Buggy Straps, 1 x Messenger Bag - see later post
  • Kids Inspired Swap - see later post
  • Lightshade
  • 4 x Sensory Cushion Covers


  • Mini Quilt Swap
  • A Fleece hat and matching mitten set
I've also signed up to another swap - this time organised by Meridian Ariel. It's a FAIRY TALE swap and I've been partnered with Jessica who's favourite fairy tale is "Alice in Wonderland". I already have in mind what I'm going to make for her!!