Thursday, 26 February 2009

Owl Swap Goodies Received

Well I was well and truly spoiled by Ngaire, who was my partner in Meridian Ariel's Owl Swap.

I had missed the postie so had to go to town the next day to collect my parcel - which turned out to be a HUGE box stuffed full of delightful goodies.

There was a card;

A little stationery set with beautiful cards (one with an owl on), a place for envelopes, stamps, tags, love notes and an address book;

A wooden picture frame block labelled "My favouite Quilts";

Another picture frame block for "Our Family";

3 FQ of lovely fabric;

A Quilting magazine;

A quilt pattern;

A wooden hedgehog magnet;

and to finish a packet of crisps and a little box of chocolates.

I was a very, very, very lucky girl. Thank you very much Ngaire. xxx

To finish - I've just realised that this is post 99 - so I suppose I should think of a giveaway for my century post - any suggestions??