Friday, 5 February 2010

A Hive of Bees!

It's been a while since I've updated you all about the blocks I've been making for my Quilting Bees on Flickr.
I'll start with my longest running Bee - SewConnected3 - who I last blogged about after September's blocks!!

October was a double month.

Firstly, I made a Wonky Log Cabin Block for Twiddletails,

and then a Bento Box Block for Cam11.

I really love the geometry of this block so it's a pattern I'll be asking the ladies from one of my other Bees to make for me!

In November, Poobah02 wanted a geometric block making from her Heather Ross Mendocino fabrics. I'm not sure is this pattern has a name, but I do like how it turned out.

We had December off, and in January it was Gretchen.D's turn.

She wanted an Amish style block made from solids - black plus 2 colours (in my case green and lilac).

I decided to make her a Basket Block and as there was enough fabric, a Jacob's Ladder Block.

September was the first month in the Eurovision Quilters Bee, and Wen_ot had the honour of kicking it all off.

She asked for a Dutchman's Puzzle Block and I, almost, managed 2 whole blocks for her, plus I made a Pinwheel Block with the offcut half triangles.

October was Flossyblossy's month and she asked for a Wonky Square-in-Square / Log Cabin Block. Again I managed to stretch the fabric to make 2 blocks.

In November, Vivie95 wanted Star Blocks made with her Japanese style fabrics. We were free to use any design and I managed to stretchhhhhh my fabric just enough. I had wanted some of the outer star points to stand out a bit more but it wasn't possible. I still like the result though!

Again December was a free month, but the New Year started off with a cheeky Gnome chappie arriving in the post. He needed a Wonky House to live in, and how could I refuse! I also gave him a little windowed extention just for a little more room.

To accompany the gnome, Daveandsusi asked us to make a little Mushroom/Toadstool Block decorated by a touch of lace. Both of these were a pleasure to sew.

2010 was the start of 2 new Quilting Bees that I have joined - Circuit Block Party and the Modern Quilting Bee.

In the former, Heidielliott asked for a Dutchman's Puzzle Block using black, white and red fabrics on a background of grey. Again I couldn't resist using the half triangle offcuts to make a Pinwheel Block!

Lastly, Melissa.leray sent us some precious Munki fabric to incorporate into a Wonky Log Cabin Block. I added a couple of stash fabrics to what she she and wonked out 2 blocks for her.

All in all, I think it was a great finish to 2009, and an exciting start to 2010. February's fabrics are here so I'll keep you posted what they turn into.


  1. You make the most amazing blocks! Great work!

  2. Gorgeous blocks!! I've just started quilted and am glad I happened across your blog!