Sunday, 10 January 2010

Addicted to Paper Piecing? I think I might be!

It all started off so innocently.

Being asked to make a string quilt block using this tutorial.
When I first saw it I was horrified. Paper Piecing!! But the reality wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated and in the end the block turned out OK.

I then promptly forgot about it until I was Flickr-hopping looking for some inspiration for a couple of Halloween swap projects. I then stumbled upon Artisania and decided to take the plunge and use her Pumpkin/Jack-O-Lantern and Cat patterns.

I attempted the cat first and found out pretty quickly that these were going to a bit trickier than the string block to say the least!! It was all that back-to-front and upside down palaver that foxed me and my stitch ripper came into a bit of use I can tell you! But suddenly it all clicked, and I got them finished. I don't think it helped that I wanted to keep the backgrounds patchy and random but I am proud of how they look finished.

So with Christmas looming and another swap needed, it was back to Flickr-land where I stumbed upon Sewhooked. Jennifer has designed a whole heap of fabulous paper pieced patterns and I found the perfect ones to use.

Each individual block finished at @ 4" so some of the pieces were tiny which was a real challenge and with practice I'm sure that I'll be able to match the sections together much better.

I'm about to make another of Jennifer's blocks for her Batiks in Black Drawing. I'm using some brightly coloured batiks that I was kindly given by Flossyblossy.

UPDATE: The Batik block is finished!!

I have a Valentine Swap to make for so I may be getting the paper out again!!


  1. So love the cat and the jack-o-lantern....awesome job!

  2. I started a string quilt too....and as you said it it addictive!!