Saturday, 15 May 2010

Things that make you go "GRRRR!!"

Hubby shouted from the kitchen last night : Where's the cheese grater?

Me (after thinking for a moment) : Try the 3rd drawer down (we only have one set of drawers in there so not a hard to find place)

Him : It's not there, I've looked

Me (after thinking to myself that I was sure that was where I put it after washing it yesterday) : Well try the 2nd drawer then

Me : Or beside the sink (maybe I hadn't put it away!)

Then there is the sound of drawers and cupboard doors being opened and banged shut

Me : Have you found it?

Him : Yes

Me : Where was it?

Him : In the third drawer down. I didn't see it.

AAAARRGGHH!!! How can you not see a cheese grater in a kitchen drawer ????

Incidents like this are a regular occurance in this house - and the most annoying thing is that our daughter is exactly the same!

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