Monday, 7 July 2008

Update #6

This week I've completed (and the pics are on Flickr):

1 x pair of Curtains
1 x Sequined Cushion Cover
ITNG Haa Hoo Soft Toy
1 x Cot Quilt & Cot Bumper Set - made from a single bed duvet cover
1 x iPod cozy - for DS's birthday

1 x Russian Doll Swap - the concept has been finalised so just need to get sewing!!
1 x Mini Quilt Swap
ITNG Makka Pakka Soft Toy

But to the list I've added:
2 x Buggy Liners
3 x Buggy strap pads
30 x Nappy Liners - but that's just cutting up some fleece!!
1 x Drawstring Playmat
1 x Messenger Bag
1 x Kids Inspired Swap - see details at MeeCrafty

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