Thursday, 10 July 2008

In The Night Garden

Well today I have finished the 2 "In The Night Garden" character softies.

Firstly there is a Haa Hoo - the yellow spotted star shaped one.

This is the 2nd one of these I've made and I'm happier with this one as the first one had a spot where a nose would be and it didn't look right. This time I positioned the fabric better!!

Secondly I made Makka Pakka.

I had real trouble deciding how I was going to make the knobbly bits that protrude from his head. I worked out a solution in the end but not until after the use of a few expletives!!

There are a few more shots of them on Flickr.

I just hope that the receipients like them!!


  1. Wow those are brilliant!!! My kids would love those!

    We have the same fabric in my local store and I have been tempted ...

  2. those toys are so cool!!
    {i blardy hate that show though!!!}

  3. wow- that makka pakka looks amazing. I love him and his piles of stones.

  4. brill soft toys... though I must admit that the show creeps me out a bit.. thank god H is too old to watch it now... Yes I am aware that I am wierd.

  5. They are brilliant!
    Do you realise how hard these softies were to get hold of last christmas?!

    Makka Pakka is great.

  6. Hi, my nephew wants the blue haa hoo - has anyone made one of them? Not sure how to do the dots.....