Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A Crotchety Little Madam

Today's postlady was bright and early and delivered a new addition to the family who had travelled all the way from the West Country where she had left Camilla.

I'm not sure if her little crotchety face was as a result of having to travel by Royal Mail or because she caught sight of DD!!
The two have been inseperable all day but by bedtime, Clarissa's (as she is now named) expression has not changed.

But maybe she just needs a bit of time on her own to adjust!!
She has some lovely detail - especially on her dress.
And she was accompanied by a cute baby face brooch.
Thank you Camilla - she was worth the wait. xx


  1. ooh i like her BUT i think she will be TROUBLE!

  2. she looks like trouble... you best be very strict with her... I think she will be very naughty around the house and blame all the other dollies... and if the tea set gets knocked over I think you will definitly know the culprit. :o)