Sunday, 13 July 2008

Birthday Boy

Today is my son P's 15th Birthday - my my where has time gone??

Forgive the hair - it doesn't see a brush very often

He was conceived in the first month of trying but made us wait an extra 11 days past his due date and arrived after a 30 hour labour with the cord around his neck!!

He was gorgeous though (but doesn't every mum say that?) - and I can still recall those few days at the hospital doing not much else but watching him sleep.

At 11 when DD was born

He was walking at 10.5 months (before he crawled) and hasn't stopped ever since. He's now a strapping 5'10" tall, has UK size 11 feet and a 34" waist - and his hormones have still to kick in!!

I made him an iPod Cozy for his birthday - and kept to his current favourite Emo style by using a skull and crossbone fabric.

For the rest of his presents he raided the Rollersnakes catalogue and chose amongst other things these Vans


love Mum, M & H xx


  1. awh, he looks lovely and I LOVE his hair (I never used to brush mine at that age either - plenty of time for brushing hair later) Happy Birthday to P!

  2. Awwww Happy Birthday P!
    Well picked presents too.