Saturday, 15 December 2007

At The Races

A friend asked my to make one of the drawstring playmats from the blog of Soozs mentioned by LucyKate (Links now in place!!)

She takes her daughters to gymnastics and he has to tag along!! As he is car/bicycle mad, I made it with some appropriately printed fabric (shows a city scene) with black and white checkerboard on the back (to look like a winning flag)


  1. hey, thats great fabric, i looked for some fabric with roads etc, on it but didn't find any so made my own roads out of felt!. i can't take the credit for the idea though, it came from a blog by a very talented lady called soozs : )

  2. That is great fabric, and I love the chequered flag on the other side too!

  3. Yep, great fabric! Well done :-)

  4. I've been very quiet on the blogging front lately (been on holiday and getting ready for family staying over Xmas & new Year) ... But, this is fab !
    Well done, it's such a great concept isn't it ? I'm, thinking of doing a horsey one for my daughter.

    Have a wonderful Xmas !