Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Wanderer Returns!

Whatever happened to my New Year's Resolutions? It seems like they took a 6 month holiday. Well enough is enough!

I have just celebrated my 44th birthday - and if I don't give my life a kick up the backside NOW ......

So as with the start of a new year, I have made a list of "improvements" I am GOING to make.

1) Lose weight

2) Get Fit

3) Be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, crafter etc

4) Blog more

5) Blow my own trumpet more

6) Grow my "business"


There have been some highlights since the start of the year.

After 6 long stressful months, my hubby has got a new job. "Yeah!" I hear you all cry. And yes it is fabulous news - but the downside is that we have to relocate from Shropshire to Yorkshire. "Boo!" I here you all cry. Not, I should clarify that Yorkshire is a horrid place to live, it's just the rigmarole of selling the house and uprooting Little Miss H from school etc.

So if anyone wants to buy a 5 bedroom detached house in Newport - just let me know!

Another piece of good news was that my son passed his A'Levels and secured a place at York St Johns University to read Media Studies. He has got himself a tiny little flat to rent that he will be sharing with his girlfriend who will be training to be a Primary School Teacher.

The lovely ladies of my Modern Quilting Bee provided the blocks to make a quilt to take with them. I just need to get it backed, quilted and bound in the next fortnight!

It has been the year of "big" birthdays. My son and 2 of my nieces turned 18, so here is the quilt I made for one of the girls.

My Mum turned 65 (and got engaged), so I used the same pattern as above - and with the help of my Quilting NewBEEs Bee Ladies - made the top of a quilt for her that will be professionally quilted as it is just too big for my little machine to cope with.

And as my youngest sister - who has just turned 40 - has taken up surfing, I decided that she had to have her own Camper Van!

I have joined in the new obsession with "Mug Rugs", and joined in a couple of swaps.

I've also kept my participation in the Flickr Doll Quilt Swaps going. Although it is always stressful trying to make something that you hope a total stranger will like, it does make me think "outside the box".

And last but not least, is my continued enjoyment of all things Retro, that can be turned into mini quilts made up of tiny squares instead of Pixels!

I'm still a member of a couple of quilting Bees, so I shall be keeping you more up-to-date with what I sew for them and all the other gubbings I get up to.

Talk soon

Leah x


  1. Wonderful makes - my boys would love R2D2!

  2. Comfortably, the article is actually the freshest on this noteworthy topic. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading.

  3. wow, so many fab makes! I love the camper van, love the Union Flag mug rug, love the pixel pictures!

  4. Geez, how's that for a post reflecting a good slab of life?! A mixed bag of real life (with some fabulous crafty business thrown into the mix).

  5. Fab news. What a relief. Love the camper van..