Saturday, 7 March 2009


Well I've at last reached my first century post.

So in accordance with blogland tradition - I'm hosting a giveaway!!

The prize will be a CUSTOM MADE SOFTIE.

I'll be giving the winner a choice - a softie for a boy, a softie for a girl, or a Retro softie.

To enter - leave a comment telling me which of the softies I've already made is your favourite - and why.

My Softies
Originally uploaded by sewtobed

If you mention my giveaway on your own blog, you'll get a second entry into the draw.

Forgot to mention I'll keep this open until next Saturday 14th March 2009.



  1. Well done on your 100th post! my favourite is George's Dino but they're all lovely :)

  2. Congrats on your 100th post. I have two favorites of yours - the VW Bus of course, since I'm a VW Bus addict. I have a 1971 Bus!

    But I also love the Russian doll. She reminds me of the set of nesting dolls my Grandmother brought me from her travels when I was a kid. Great detail in her apron and face.

  3. I was just admiring your mosaic on flickr this morning! I love them all! If I had to narrow it down, I like the robot and the Russian doll the best. They are all SO cute though!

  4. The VW Bus is my favourite plush
    The flowers are gorgeous,
    & the colours are LUSH!!
    The Rabbit is Cute
    & the Owl is a Hoot
    but enough of this poem...
    Please send me the loot!!

    Only kidding, good luck to everyone
    Nic xx

  5. VW Camper Van!
    Why? Because you made it as part of my swap!
    That and I love camper vans of course!

  6. Ahhh, I love the nesting doll the best! I went on a cruise to Alaska in the summer and at every port there were nesting dolls galore. I ended up only buying one set and keep wishing I had more. A stuffy would be a good alternative :)

  7. I love of of them as I really like softies... but I think my heart belongs to a little camper :)

  8. I like the ones you get paid for, but I am only your Husband.

  9. I love all of them , so hard to choose.
    But I think my fave has to be the Russian doll, it reminds me of visting my Gran and playing with the russian dolls she had. I keep promising the buy myself a set

  10. lol at anonymous husband! I have a hubby just like that too :)

    Congrats on your postings!

    Its so hard for me to choose, I love them all! But I like so many have a soft spot for camper vans :)
    Sarah xx

  11. Straight away I decided on the Camper Van...and then the Russian Doll! That's not really a decision is it?!
    O.k. It's the Camper Van because it's very cool & colourful & you don't see many handmade Camper Van stuff :0)
    Happy 100th by the way
    Tina x

  12. HI :-)
    I am loving your tombliboos at the moment, it is my DS' fave show... but I also love the matryoshka doll (for me of course)
    Congrats on the 100 posts

  13. Congratulations on you 100th post - I love your Cheshire cat... he's imposibly lovely.

  14. Hi there swap buddy, nice to meet you!
    Look forward to swapping with you and while i'm here i'm going to be really cheeky and enter your giveaway.
    My favourite softee is the Russian doll because i've loved them since I was a little girl (many years ago).
    All the toys my little man has and he likes to play with Mummy's dolls!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  15. Oooh I don't know ... I love the Russian Doll because of her lovely expression on her face, and I love the VW bus because it's so well-executed ... well done on your 100th post!

  16. Oh, totally the VW Bus!! Congrats on 100!! And for entering my 100th post drawing! ~ Jennie

  17. Oh...they're all so adorable! I love the Stitch one the most though!

  18. i love your softees but although it's REALLY hard to pick a favourite it has to be razzledazzle.

    ps lol @ your DH!

  19. Well done on reaching 100! I've got a "birthday" coming up soon as well.

    Oh Just spotted Stitch! He is brill!!

  20. Hiya,

    I love the camper van, that's so cute!!

  21. Hi Leah

    Can you let me know if you're still doing the swap please. Unfortunately, my pooter won't let me email you through blogger so if you're still doing it can you email me your address!
    Beki xxx

  22. Wow Well done on your 100th post!!
    I love the VW van too, but also the Rabbit!!