Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Updates on My Swaps

It's been over a week since I last made an entry but the time has been quite productive, so here's an update on the swaps I'm involved in.

LucyLocketRecycledHerPocket Mini Quilt Swap

My "official" swap partner is Lissa. After a lot of provaricating (my thoughts of what I wanted to make totally outnumbered my skills to make it!!), and asking my colourblind DH his opinion, I finally finished and it is now on its way to a land down under.

It involved my first attempt at "real" patchwork, and also using Bondaweb, but I think the finished article is pretty good!!

Here's a sneaky peak - I can't show you more in case until it arrives with Lissa.

I'm also going to be making a mini quilt for LucyLocket herself. I have found a "traditional" pattern that I like, and I've picked out some fabrics that I think will go well in it - so I just need to pick up my rotary cutter and make a start!!

Functional Felt Swap

I'm glad to report that the start of this process - the felting - was a success, as I shrunk a ladies UK size 10 jumper to one just about big enough for my DD to wear (she's nearly 4!!).

As you can see the jumper has some lovely eastern inspired details and I wanted to keep something of this - I went in the end for the "buttons"and not the mandarin collar. Again the next stage involved lots of sketched on tiny pieces of paper as I put off again and again cutting it up. But I at last took the scissors into my hands and chopped away.

I decided to make a little clutch bag that my swap partner Ellie (she has no blog so I can't link to it) can use when she goes into the city. I lined it with pink satin and stiffened the walls with cardboard. It closes with 2 press stud fasteners.

The only problem was the topstitching as the jumper has strings of beads on and these and my sewing machine foot didn't always enjoy each other - so some of the stitching is wobbly which I'm a bit miffed about - but that's life.

Doll Swap

I have been designing a doll for some months and thought this swap might be the perfect opportunity to unleash it on the public!!

I've been paired with Camilla - but after looking closely at her blog and e-shop I don't think it's her style (sorry Camilla) - so I'll be making a more "traditional" doll but she will be dressed in a style that's close to Camilla's heart.

Toadstool Swap

This has been organised by LucyKateCrafts and I've been paired up with Amy - whose blog shows some mighty inpressive and lovely things she's made.

This is still "on the drawing board" - but again I have ideas of what I want it to look like so just need to get on with it!!

WHOO - now what else have I had time to do ???


  1. I love that clutch and the lucylocket quilt is absolutely beautiful.

  2. My you are busy! Love what you did with the sweater and can't wait to see it in person as I'm sure Ellie will show it to me the next time she visits.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your mini quilts - mine most of all obviously!!!!

    Lucy x

  4. I'm so so glad you are running behind on your doll too! I'm also very glad I re-read the list of likes and dislikes from you before I created something stuffed full of lavender.

    I'm still not 1005 sure what form my doll will take, I hope she doesn't end up too terrifying!