Thursday, 1 May 2008

A Package From Australia

Whilst I was chin deep sewing a pair of curtains today, I was rudely interupted by a bang on the door, where upon opening was thrust a package by our new, and always in a rush, postie.

"What's this?" I asked myself. "I'm not expecting anything from overseas".

It was then I realised who had sent it. It was from Lissa, my swap partner in Lucy Locket's Mini Quilt Swap. When I ripped open the package, this is what I found.

My mini quilt, a lovely card and a copy of Australian Homespun.

The quilt is named "Spring Star" and it is absolutely FABULOUS. The detail is unbelievable - the little squares around the outside are about 1cm square!!

The back holds a lovely little message in Lissa's beautiful handwriting.

The card contains the following message - " Now I know you weren't a fan of green, but I made this to change your mind about this. It screams "Spring" to me. I do hope you like it."

She refers to my answers to Lucy's preferences questionnaire. I've never liked the colour since I had to wear a bottle green school uniform. It suited my auburn haired sister but it did nothing for me - and I've never had any item of green clothing ever since!!

Lissa - I'm well chuffed with my quilt. Thank you so much xx


  1. wow, that didn't take long to get there! I am glad you liked it.. thought it was very cheeky to send a green quilt to a green hater! LOL I must admit though I was not a fan of the green, but green says 'spring' to me, and I hope you love this! I was nearly, nearly going to keep it myself! LOL

    take care and quilty huggers to you!


  2. Wow - it is gorgeous! Aren't we both lucky - I love Lissa's work and those colours are fab! Lucy x

  3. Oooh you lucky thing!
    Its gorgeous.
    I wish I had the time to join more swaps.
    This quilt swap is fab.

  4. Green's not usually one of my favorites but I think this little quilt could change my mind!

  5. That is brillaint, I love it so much!