Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Swap Update

Just thought I'd give a quick update regarding the swaps I'm currently involved in.

Firstly there is the Mini Quilt Swap organised by Lucy.

My "official" swap partner is Lissa - who's a Civil War/ 1930's Fabricologist. I have a design in mind and have purchased some fabric so its all steam ahead!!

But I've also agreed with Lucy to make a Mini Quilt for her wall. I have a lovely traditional design in mind and have some pretty fabrics here to make it with.

Secondly - or is that thirdly?? - there is the Doll Swap organised by Chloe.

My partner in this is Camilla - who loves 1950's design. I've never made a doll but I have a concept in mind!!

My last swap is a Functional Felt Swap organised jointly by Painted Fish Studio and Three Sneaky Bugs.

This swap is organised a little different in that Ellie will be receiving something made by my good self - but I shan't receive from her but someone else - its a more in the round that back and forth if that make sense!!

They all have to be completed by the end of May so I'm going to be busy, busy busy!!


  1. I'm so excited about my quilt!!! but, and this is an important BUT, you don't need to make mine before the end of May - take as long as you like because I certainly won't be finishing 22 by the end of May! Lucy xxxx

  2. Lucy - Yours will be the last of the 4 swaps that I shall complete but I'm just giving myself a deadline or else who knows when you'd get it!!