Wednesday, 16 April 2008

2 More Swaps!!

As if having to design and make two mini quilts in the LucyLocketRecycledHerPocket Mini Quilt Swap wasn't enough I've signed up to 2 more swaps!!

The first is being organised jointly by Painted Fish Studio and Three Sneaky Bugs. It is a FUNCTIONAL FELT SWAP.

The idea is that you make a functional item (hat, bag etc) for your swap partner from felt. My 1 and only attempt at felting myself was disasterous but you're allowed to use "proper" felt. I have a few ideas already although this may change when I get my swap partner's details

The closing date for entries is TODAY - 16th April - so get over there sharpish!!

The second swap is being organised by my friend Chloe at Mee Crafty, and this one is a DOLL SWAP.

The closing date for entries is SATURDAY - 19th April.

Along with Chloe, 2 of the other participants make GORGEOUS Dolls - ImaGingerMonkey and Miaou - so I pity the poor crafter that gets me as I've never made a doll before though I do have an idea for a new twist on a old doll!!

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