Saturday, 19 April 2008

A Busy Few Days Sewing

In between keeping DD amused (see previous post), and berating her for a) pulling a shelf off the bookcase and showering herself with Inspector Morse and b) climbing up a chest of drawers causing it to topple over onto her ankles (you wouldn't believe the week I've had!!), I managed to complete a few orders.

Firstly - a duvet set. This was made with pink cotton with a panel of fabric depicting some of Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies. To make the complete set in the fabric was going to be HUGELY expensive, so we settled on this compromise - which has turned out rather well.
Secondly - a doll sized coverlet. This was made with a panel showing 3 of the Disney Princesses (Cinderella, Snow white and Sleeping Beauty for those of you not in the know) backed with pink fleece.

Thirdly - another of my little bags. This is for a birthday present for a Dora the Explorer mad little girl. Lined with pink fleece but completely reversible.

And last but not least - some bandana bibs. These are for a 6yr old girl who needs a little protection for her clothes but who'd look silly in baby bibs. I've made these with towelling and backed with cotton, but the next lot will have PUL on the back but it hadn't arrived in time to make these.

They are still a "Work in Progress" as I'm going to make 1 with velcro to close, another with poppers and another with cotton top corners to tie closed with (as the towelling is a little bulky).

If they prove successful I may add them to my product range!!


  1. you have been busy! we are in the middle of school holidays too and i've hardly got time to read blogs. the fairy cakes look yummy - i bet they were fun to make.

  2. My dd loves these, especially the princess coverlet. My favourite is the bag. Gorgeous.