Saturday, 2 May 2009

SewConnected3 - April

Here's what I made for SewConnected3 in April.

It was Sew~Amy's turn to send out the fabric.

She sent us fabrics in white, black and reds with the emphasis being ANTS as she wanted us to make blocks for a picnic quilt.

I'm so novice at this patchwork business that I thought it was a specific design - but it turned out that it's a quilt that she'll take on picnics/outings to sit on. How daft did I feel?? Very!!

In the fabric bundle she sent was a piece with an embroidered ant on - so I decided to make him the centre of my block. I then cut out 60 triangles from the other fabrics and made them into this ...

As I had some fabric left I decided to make 4 small square blocks with the feature fabrics at their centre, and outlined in the opposite colour fern fabric. All outlined in white.

They are now winging their way to America - and I hope Amy likes them.

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  1. I don't see how she can fail to be delighted - what wonderful blocks! Well done you. x