Thursday, 14 May 2009

Twin Delights

A friend asked if I'd make a couple of patchwork quilts (plus matching pillowcases) for her twin boys as they were moving house and having a new room.
She showed me a design of one she liked - so off I went.

I used a selection of basic plain cottons purchased from Doughty's (fab service by the way) on the front, and a Bunny Hill Design flannel on the back (Beary Boys & Girls Blue Dots).

The squares are 8" square, and although I used the same fabrics for both - the "patterns" are different. I'm still not confident enough for the squares to be placed totally randomly so if you look you will see that the sequences is repeated across the quilts.

I couldn't decide on how to quilt them, and as I can't do fancy stippling, knew it had to be something simple!! Up to the last minute I was just going to quilt in the ditch, but remembering the original design featured diamonds, went for cross-square stitching.

Worried how straight my lines would turn out to be, I used one of the programmed decorative stitches on my machine - a squiggle - and I'm so glad that I did.

I love the result - and more importantly - so does she.


  1. Lovely . . very mod . . like the colour block patterns

  2. wow lovely they are really fab...Katy keeps telling me I have to learn to quilt... not sure about that but the Boy has asked for a blanket for his toys so I may at least do that much.. if only I could cut straight.

  3. They look completely amazing. I think that the diagonal quilting has really worked well. Stitch in the ditch wouldn't have been have to effective.

  4. Simply quilts still hold the most appeal for me. Lovely job !