Sunday, 26 July 2009

Charity Quilts Updates

As you all know, some time ago I joined a couple of projects designed to make quilts for charities.

I made 2 blocks for this project - a red/aqua one and a pink/orange one. Well, the quilts that my blocks are part of have now been finished. I think that my blocks hold their own amongst the others.

The second was the Bushfire Quilt Project organised by CampFollowerBagLady, set up to provide victims of the Australia Queensland bushfires a little wrappable comfort.

I sent 6 blocks in the end and these appeared in 2 seperate quilts.

In the end over 100 quilts were produced by this project alone (by quilters all over the world) and they have now gone to Victoria to be distributed.
Being part of this project really makes you appreciate what you have.

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