Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I'm Back!!

Hi there everybody. Did you wonder where I was? Probably not but I can dream!!

There were 2 causes of me being away so long.

The first was that we lost our internet connection. We eventually found out that the router had had it - so we had to get another.

Secondly in the middle of the internet business we moved house. We had been trying to sell for 2 years (with DH commuting aroiund 3 hours every day!) but eventually secured a part-exchange on a new build. It's not our first choice of home (we prefer old with character) but it got us moved in time for DD to start primary school in September.

The bonus is that I'm allowed the smallest bedroom for my sewing - yeah - no more dining room table for me (well I actually do need to buy a table and some shelves for it first!!)

I do fancy seeing if I can sell some items at the local Farmers' Market - so what sore ofthings do you think I should focus on making?

And I've already signed up for 2 swaps!!

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