Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A Bunny from Down Under

I was all giggley this morning when I opened my postbox to find an envelope postmarked Adelaide, Australia.

It meant that my LucyLocketRecyclesHerPocket Bunny-Hop-Bunny-Swap bunny had arrived from my swap partner Levineke.

I opened the envelope to find these:

How gorgeous are they?? A lovely calico bunny with her own dress and pinny! She came with a matching card and a great little book about her home town.

Levineke says that she's only been crafting for a short time - but WOW is she talented. You should see the quilt she's making which can be seen on her blog.

I shall have to find somewhere special for "Levi" (as I've named her) to sit - away from grubby fingers and the like.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You've made my day xx


  1. Your bunny from Levineke is gorgeous! This swap has been great!

  2. oooh, look at her!!! She's beautiful. I'm off to look at the quilt she is making (not the bunny, obviously, I don't think she has fingers so she can't sew, can she?)...clever lady!

  3. Levi is adorable!

    Just stopping by to thank you for joining in on my 200th Post Celebration and see what you have been up to:).


  4. Levi is so lovely and what a lovely name for her too!

  5. Lucky you, your bunny is adorable.
    Sarah x

  6. i love your dolls they are cute