Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Mothers' Day Presents - made by me

As it was Mothers' Day, a gift was in order to show MY mum how loved and appreciated she is.

She got a really pucka mobile phone for Christmas - which she is still trying to work out how to use(!!) - as the "brick" that she had previously was on its last legs.

So with this in mind I made it a sock. It's pink heart fleece on the outside and lined with plain pink cotton. I added a little ribbon loop attached by a really cute heart shaped button.

I also made her a bag that she can use to store her knitting projects in - she is currently working on some baby bits for my sister's evergrowing bump plus a jumper for DD.

I made it from a pretty blue floral fabric and lined it in plain blue and used two circular handles. I'm not sure that the proportions/shape are quite right but she was pleased with it anyway and it's currently being put to use!!

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