Tuesday, 18 March 2008

A Present to Myself

After weeks of bidding and getting outbid on Ebay, my new "toy" arrived this morning.

I treated myself to a little Overlocker.
Hopefully this will make my duvet covers and cushions more professional looking as I won't have to pink the seams - they'll be sewn like shop-bought ones!!


  1. Enjoy you new toy!!!

    I have voted, I am a leftie too!

    love Dingle.x

  2. I like gifting myself.. you always get what you want that way AND you dont have to drop hints either! :O)

    I use my overlocker to trim off the excess batting after I have put my binding on.. gives a smooth finish to it and much easier than trying to cut it with scissors or on the cutting mat on the floor! grrrr...
    thanks for visiting my blog too!