Monday, 3 March 2008

A Lovely Few Days

I decided to treat myself to some ear-rings made by the lovely Dior @ Chickadee Cards - See entry on 19th Feb. I haven't really worn ear-rings since my son was born over 14 years ago - mostly as he used to pull at them and then just due to laziness - but they reminded me of the "danglies" that used to adorn my earlobes.

They are made from individual jump-rings which have individual clear, silver and opaque beads added. The are lovely and light and very tinkley (sp?!)

And as I had to then wear them, I got DH to take me out to lunch on Saturday - as he flew off to the USA today for a week!!

He had organised some flowers before he went and they arrived today. Not the normal bunch but an Azalea. Now I just need to water it so it won't die!!

DD made a card at school which she bought home along with a little lidded pot that she's decorated and which will now be used to house my new ear-rings.

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