Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Christmas Swap

I took part in a Christmas Ornament Swap organised by Emma (Embelish).

It was a round robin in that who I made for didn't make for me - someone else did - so it gave it an extra dimension and a chance to "meet" 2 new crafters.

Rosemary (who doesn't have a blog) - and lives in the gorgeous city of Barcelona - made for me.

What I received was a fabulous little patchwork basket that will be used to hold little sweet treats to munch over the festive period. This was accompanied with some pretty fabric coasters and for the tree, some chocolate kings.
Thank you Rosemary - they are all lovely - just be careful as you may well catch the swapping bug!!

I was given Ali to make for. She lives in sunny Australia and is married with 4 gorgeous children (2 of each variety). I found out just before I started making that there is to be a new addittion to the family come 2009 who I just had to include.
I decided quite early on that I wanted to make a wall-hanging and have on it Christmas Trees to represent Ali and her family.

I decided to steer away from traditional seasonal colours and went for stripes in co-ordinating hues. Reds & Oranges for Ali, Greens for her hubby, Pinks & Purples for the girls, Blues for the boys and I chose Yellow for "the bump".
I accompanied this with matching stockings - filled with chocolate coins - for the kids. Ali has told me that they were well received!!
To top off this great swap, I was asked to submit my makes to the Christmas Decoration Challenge being held on Crafteroo. I was surprised to be one of the 3 finalists (the others being Ethel and Edna and Knit & Crochet) and even more shocked to find out I had won!!
What a great start to Christmas

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  1. love your wall hanging and stockings - you deserved to win!