Tuesday, 16 December 2008

My first real go at Applique

I've been asked to make a couple of items lately that required some applique to personalise them.

The first was requested by Apryl, and it was a gift for her friend's recently born daughter.

The blanket was yellow fleece and I appliqued onto it a little bumble bee. As this was my first attempt at this sort of thing, I was pleased with the results.

Next came a Comfort Blanket

Then a couple of fleece Christmas Stockings.

I'm not sure that I got the shape quite right but I'm sure the recipients won't notice come Christmas morning!!

On to some blankets that are to be Christmas presents for 3 grandchildren who live in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Each of them were double-layed (as it's cold over there!!) and had the child's name sewn on along with a motif/image.

The applique was done in fleece too so that there will be no problems when washed.

I had originally cut each letter from different patterned fleeces but they never seemed to look quite right so in the end I made them all from the same.

If I make similar ones in future I think that having the back of the blanket to match the letters would just tie it all in nicely.

Last, but not least, are a couple of Christmas Present Sacks.

These are HUGE!! (1m high by 75cm wide) so have loads of room for all those gifts from Santa!!

I cut the initial letters from a script that I thought looked like elf shoes - and added a few stars for extra detail.

I did enjoy making all of these and hope their new owners like them too.

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