Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A Tale of Two Quilts

As mentioned in a previous post, Katy (ImaGingerMonkey) were partnered up in a Lap Quilt Swap.

Katy, as always, was quick off the mark and had my quilt finished and sent in record time. And true to form, mine took a little longer!!

I'm totally in love with mine. Whilst I'm blog-hopping late at night, I pull it off the back of the sofa and wrap it around my legs and feet. Totally snuggly.

The fabrics I chose were Makower Zen 2 in the Slate colourway.

The fabrics Katy chose were all flowery in a blues, reds and pinks. Totally exuberant - just like the lady herself!!

This is the first "proper" quilt I have made, and I must admit to having a crisis of confidence when I'd laid the strips out. I just wasn't sure the combination was right - a theme that runs through all of my sewing.

But the construction was simple. I decided to quilt inside the seams of every "block". After re-reading how to do the binding a good half a dozen times I managed to get it sewn on correctly and then took HOURS to hand sew it on the reverse side. I have a total aversion to hand sewing but it had to be done properly.

As a result I really have caught the quilting bug!!


  1. I've just seen Katys post about her quilt and I am astounded. It is gorgeous Leah. You have done an amazing job. It looks brilliant.
    I love your quilt too.

  2. Oh they are both gorgeous! I love the pink and flowery one (even though I am not usually a pink person). REally nice!