Sunday, 1 June 2014

Juneathon - A Chance for a New Start!

I came across an event called Juneathon that involves undertaking some exercise and blogging about it every day in June.

After a couple of years of sadly neglecting my blog, I have decided to take the bull by the horns, pull myself up the bootstraps, etc. etc. and use this as an opportunity to resurrect it.

I aim to include in my posts, some highlights of what I have been up to since the start of the year, plus what is happening day to day with regard to both my sewing and daily life. 

So what happened on Day 1

It was a lovely sunny day today here in South Oxfordshire. The aim was to go out for a family walk at some point, but as the paddling pool was dug out of the deep dark recesses of the garage, that didn't happen!

So in the end, as dinner was being cooked by Mr D, Little Miss H and I grabbed our bikes and headed out. We cycled a leisurely 4.5k which is not a bad start to the month!

See you all tomorrow

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