Monday, 16 June 2014

Juneathon Day 14 - Round and Round in Circles

Today was a quiet morning at home with us all pottering about doing not a lot!

Mr D was up early watching the rugby with Mr C from next door - who brought round bacon butties for them to eat whilst cheering on England. They both headed off to play cricket at lunchtime.

Miss H and I spent some time on our new joint obsession - making rubber band bracelets!  We eventually headed out to the supermarket to pick up some supplies and were planning to visit Q Gardens Farm Shop to pick some strawberries - but we were too late so that will be our job first thing in the morning.

Behind our house is a road that is a bit of a dead end just leads to a few houses, and the distance up and down it is roughly 0.5km. For today's exercise, I cycled 10 circuits whilst Miss H did a few rounds in her new rollerskates.

Juneathon Running Total = 39.2k

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