Thursday, 12 June 2014

Juneathon Day 11 - Watching Others!

Today dawned warm and bright again so it was certainly no chore to make the daily circuit of the village.  I felt like I was walking a bit faster than normal, but this wasn't borne out when I got home and checked Endomondo!

Juneathon Total Distance Travelled = 28.1k

Wednesday is a swim training day for Miss H. She has recently moved up to a more advanced session which is at a different pool and lasts 1.5 hours. The training involves more longer sets (100m, 200m etc.) plus dive practice and as tonight - sprint relays. Although the change only happened a few weeks ago, there has been a noticeable increase in her speed and endurance.

Mr D has recently started playing cricket again after about an 8 year break. He keeps wicket for Steventon Cricket Club and tonight he was playing his first Mid-Week Match. As they don't bowl off until 6pm, they were still mid match when we got back from swimming. In fact Mr D was just about to go in to bat when we arrived! He was soon back with us as the bowler was on a roll, and scored a hat-trick with Mr D out for a Golden Duck (out first ball for no runs). He wasn't the only one though, as 3 other team members were out for a duck, but they pulled themselves together and won the match in the last over!


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