Monday, 16 June 2014

Juneathon Day 15 - Pooh Sticks

One of my sisters lives about a 45 minute drive away from us. Today both her daughters were home together for the first time in months. The elder of the 2 has just returned from 6 months in South America, and the youngest is briefly home from University before she heads out to work at Camp America for the summer!

We popped down to see everybody, taking some nibbles for lunch which included our freshly picked strawberries (see yesterday's post!).

To help walk off the lunch's excesses, Miss H, Sister T and I went for a walk through the local woods. We made a stop at the park and spent some time playing Pooh sticks in a barely flowing stream. We found ourselves shouting at small bits of wood not at all competitively!

Juneathon Running Total = 41.4k

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