Monday, 30 June 2014

Juneathon Day 26

Today Miss H was part of the school team taking part in the Didcot & District Junior School Swimming Gala. It is mostly for Year 5 and Year 6 children, but some of the smaller schools have to add to their numbers with Year 4's!

We headed off in plenty of time but whilst queuing in a line of traffic at a notorious junction, there was a collision between 2 cars as one was trying to nip across the road. Not the best start to the day!  As we were far enough back to not be direct witnesses, it was with pounding hearts that we turned around and retraced out steps taking the longer way to the pool.  We weren't the only ones that had been caught up in the incident and luckily nobody was badly hurt apart from being shaken up.

Miss H and the rest of the team competed admirably against larger teams from bigger schools but we got 4 swimmers into 5 finals. The highest placing we got was a second - Miss H was 4th in the Breaststroke - and we finished 8th overall.

I had gone along as a helper, but as our school was required to provide a timekeeper, I found myself on poolside with a clipboard and stopwatch in hand. I gave me a taster of things to come!

Apart from walking up and down the length of the pool a couple of times, no further exercise was undertaken today. Oops!

Juneathon Running Total = (still) 77.8k

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