Sunday, 22 June 2014

Juneathon Day 21 - Miss H completes a Triathlon

A few months ago, I entered Miss H into a Triathlon. She had to complete a 50m swim, 2k cycle ride and finished with a 1k run. This was going to be our first experience of a triathlon, so we got to the venue early so we could suss out the course, transition etc.

We settled down under a tree to keep out of the sun and were joined by some friends from swimming. In all there were about a dozen kids from the club entered and it was great to be able to cheer them all on.

So the time came and after racking her bike and laying out her gear we headed into the pool. I waited until I saw her start on her 2 lengths before I raced outside to meet her. After a quick towelling down and attaching her race number over her t-shirt she set off on her bike. I got round to the course in plenty of time to cheer her on before she set off on lap 2.

She was gasping for a drink as she set off for the run, and gulped down a whole cupful which caused her to get a stitch. She kept plugging away and finished in a time of 24.56 minutes. She was really happy to add another medal to her collection!

I briefly considered entering for the Super Sprint event myself (200m swim / 12.5k bike / 2.5k run), but although I can now run the distance, I was never going to be fit enough to do it after cycling!  I am determined to enter it next year though.

With my new resolution in mind, I again headed out on the bike and completed 4.6k before dinner!

Juneathon Running Total = 62.7k


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