Monday, 9 June 2014

Juneathon Day 7 - Does Standing for Hours Count?

Today was the day of our village's D-Day 70 year Commemoration Festival.

About 300 yards from my house, is a Memorial Stone that marks the end of the runway at RAF Harwell that was used on the night of 5th June 1944 to take the first troops that landed in Normandy to start the final liberation of Europe.

The day started wet and dull, but by lunchtime the sun was out and shining bright and hot in a cloudless blue sky.

Mr D went off to play cricket, so Little Miss H and I strolled down to the green at the end of the road where all the days activities were being held.

I stood around for about 3 hours whilst she ran and bounced on an inflatable assault course and a HUGE inflatable slide and drove some laps in a go-kart - that she just about fit into!

We then had an hour of standing and waiting for the commemorative ceremony to start and be conducted. Some of the children from school attended and laid poppies along with the invited dignitaries.

 After a quick trip home for dinner, and popping down the cricket club to collect a slightly worse for wear Mr D (his team won!), back we went to partake of the evening's entertainment.  Again there was hours of standing around, but this time at least I had a drink in my hand!

I can definitely say that my legs and feet certainly felt sore and stiff, after a long and hot day.

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